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Sambhavna News
Sambhavna News - March 2018

The Bhopal Marathon
The Bhopal Marathon - August 2012

Atal Ayub Nagar
Community Report 'Atal Ayub Nagar'- Sambhavna Trust - 2009

BMA Sambhavna Water Report
Analysis of chemical contaminants in groundwater & drinking water surrounding Union Carbide India Ltd. (UCIL) plant site in Bhopal - BMA & Sambhavna Trust - 2009

Sambhavna Medical Research
Briefing Report on Medical Research by Sambhavna Trust - 2003

Asthma World Conf
Effects of yoga practices for respiratory disorders related to the Union Carbide Gas Disaster in 1984-XVI World Congress of Asthma 1999 - Sambhavna Trust

BMA ‘Bhopal Matters’ Newsletter

Bhopal Matters - Autumn 2018
Bhopal Matters - Autumn 2018
Bhopal Matters - Summer 2017
Bhopal Matters - Summer 2017

Amnesty Publications

Irresponsible Investments- September 2018
Amnesty 30 Years Report
Amnesty 30 Years Report - December 2014
Injustice Incorporated - Amnesty Pamphlet
Injustice Incorporated - Amnesty Pamphlet - 2014
Dodging Responsibility - Amnesty pamphlet
Dodging Responsibility - Amnesty Pamphlet - May 2009
The Bhopal Legacy. Greenpeace 1999

Other Publications

Indian Institute of toxicological research (IITR). Analysis of Drinking Water Samples From Bhopal (Ground Water Samples). 12 June 2018.

OHS History
Harsh lessons in OHS history: the Union Carbide disaster - OHS Professional - June 2018

Pesticide News
Dow DuPont: A Contamination Legacy - p4-6 - Pesticide News January 2018

Vision Screening
Vision screening results in a cohort of Bhopal gas disaster survivors - CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 112, NO. 10, 25 MAY 2017

Ethecon Black Planet Award
Ethecon Black Planet Award 2014/2015

IChemE Safety Centre Remembering Bhopal
Loss Prevention Bulletin - IChemE Safety Centre - Remembering Bhopal - December 2014

Crisis Response
The second Bhopal disaster-Crisis Response - December 2014

Safety Layers
Consider the role of safety layers in the Bhopal Disaster - Ronald J Willey - December 2014

Criminal Failure
A Short History of the Bhopal Criminal Prosecutions. Social Justice Vol. 41-1/2. Bhopal and After: The Chemical Industry as Toxic Capitalism. December 2014

Thirty Years After
Thirty Years After Bhopal: Articles published in The Statesman - December 2014

Aradiumenge Article
ARA Diumenge #30, 30-11-2014.
‘Bhopal 30 Years of Agony’.
Montse Argerich Oró, Jordi Ferrando i Arrufat - 30 November 2014

MFCB Article
Victims of Apathy - Bhopal Disaster's Unenviable Legacy - Medico Friend Circle Bulletin - March - December 2014

Bhopal Horror
Bhopal Horror Revisited - A Jeff Prager Publication - April 2013

Indian Institute Toxicology Report
Indian Institute of Toxicology Research. Analysis of soil and groundwater samples in Bhopal. January 2013

Learning from Bhopal: Preventing Catastrophic Process Releases - Kenneth Bloch & Briana Jung - December 2012

Women access
Women's access to healthcare 28 years after the Bhopal disaster: A case study of Jai Prakash Nagar - R.Shadaan - December 2012

Co-op AGM
AGM & Final Agenda Coop Party Conference 2012. Motion 27 passed, condemns London Olympics for accepting Dow sponsorship and using Dow materials for the stadium ‘wrap’.

Cold Type
Olympic Shame by Jack Laurenson - p24-29 - ColdType - February 2012

Legacy Suffering
A Legacy of Suffering - 25th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster - Visual Anthropology Review - Autumn 2010

Toxic Groundwater
Toxic Groundwater-Bhopal's second disaster - Pesticide Action Network - March 2010

Bhopal XXV
Bhopal XXV - Photographer Stéphane Bouillet curated book with images by Micha Patault and Kostas Pliakos - December 2009

CSE Report
Contamination of soil & water inside & outside the Union Carbide India Ltd, Bhopal - Centre for Science & Environment - December 2009

Pallone Statement
Statement made for the 25th anniversary of the disaster by US Congressman, Frank Pallone - December 2009

Death Trap-Telegraph
Death Trap - Telegraph Magazine - Sept 2009

Int Med Comm
The International Medical Commission on Bhopal: Findings & Recommendations - December 2003

Safer Choice
The Safer Choice - Beyond Pesticides - December 2003

Driving Dangerously
Driving Dangerously - Pesticide Action Network - December 2003

JAMA Paper
Methyl Isocyanate Exposure and Growth Patterns of Adolescents in Bhopal - JAMA, October 2003

Warwick University
Permanent Peoples' Tribunal Global Corporations and Human Wrongs - Warwick University - January 2001

Corporate Killing
Corporate Killing by Tara Jones. Published by Free Association Books / London / 1988

Safety and Health at the Heart of the Future of Work. International Labour Organisation. April 2019

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