Fundraising for the BMA

There are many fun and rewarding ways to fundraise and help provide free healthcare to the survivors of the ongoing disaster in Bhopal.


Fundraising for the BMA

There are many fun and rewarding ways to fundraise and help provide free healthcare to the survivors of the ongoing disaster in Bhopal.

As well as getting involved in our regular fundraisers, including running events and the Yoga for Bhopal program, many of our supporters have chosen to organise their own fundraisers and events to support the clinics and survivors in Bhopal.

Whether it’s holding a bake sale, organising a sponsored walk, or hosting a film night there are lots of ways you can raise money for The Bhopal Medical Appeal. You can fundraise at school or university, at work, within your community, as part of a larger group, or online.

However you choose to fundraise for us we are here to help you with advice, planning, digital fundraising, materials or publicity. Contact us here, we would love to hear about your plans.

We are a UK registered charity, supported entirely by voluntary donations. Let your sponsors know how important the work is in Bhopal and where their money will be going. Whatever amount is donated you can tell your sponsors that a gift of any amount will help us make a difference. You can find out more about our work here.

A BMA runner taking part in the Brighton Marathon
A BMA runner taking part in the Brighton Marathon
Agnes - fundraising

Getting Started

Find an event you’d like to do, and that you think people will sponsor you to do. Let people know why you’re doing it for The Bhopal Medical Appeal; spread the word. The best way to raise funds is to set up a fundraising page. The two most popular ones are JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving.

You can also create flyers and posters to publicise your event. You could write a blog about your fundraising, email your work colleagues, or contact your local paper. Don’t forget to let people know through Social Media as well!

For more information and help with fundraising and ideas check out our comprehensive BMA Fundraising Guide

Ideas and Inspiration

Our supporters have come up with some great ways of raising funds over the years. Like Paul “The Bhopal Beardpal” Armfield (pictured right) held a beard shave-off and raised £3500! We are always open to new ideas and encourage people to be as creative and inclusive as they like!

Creative: Hold a bake sale or curry evening. Host a coffee morning with a local community group. Hold a raffle, a sweepstake, or host a quiz.

Informative: Raise awareness about Bhopal throughout your school, university or work place; hold a film screening or hand out flyers.

Active: A very popular way to fundraise. Run, walk, cycle, paddle and swim for the Bhopal Medical Appeal.


The BMA’s Challenge Events

Why not get fit or take a challenge while raising money for the BMA! We have access to places in events all around the country; some are strenuous, some are gentle, and some are downright daring! See our events page for our upcoming challenge events.

Run for Bhopal: If there is a running event you would like to take part in or arrange that is not on our events page please let us know, we will be happy to help.

Skydive for Bhopal: Can you face a 10,000ft jump for charity? Skydiving is considered to be one of the ultimate adrenaline rushes so what are you waiting for?! Contact us for details.

Yoga for Bhopal

Yoga for Bhopal is a wonderful opportunity to promote the benefits of yoga while helping people affected by the Bhopal gas disaster and ongoing water contamination. We invite individuals, teachers, groups and studios to hold a fundraising yoga session or event.

Yoga for Bhopal events take place around the year, there is never a bad time. However, our Yoga for Bhopal week will fall on the 27th November – 3rd December 2023.

You can learn more about our Yoga for Bhopal Program here. If you would like to hold a Yoga for Bhopal event please do contact us.

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