Our Mission

Caring for survivors of the world’s worst industrial disaster - The Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

Since 1996 we have helped provide free medical care, education and community support to those suffering the effects of Union Carbide’s gas disaster, and to families still being damaged in their thousands by ongoing water poisoning.

We promote community-led practices that can be adopted by those affected by industrial disasters around the world. We support activities to prevent future such disasters.

We believe Carbide's owner Dow must finally accept responsibility for Bhopal. Until then, the survivors continue to turn to each other, and to us.

Our Mission

About Us

We are a grassroots charity that arose out of the survivors’ quest for health, justice and a life of dignity. We further the efforts of the survivors to provide first class medical care and other forms of support for those damaged by gas and poisoned water, and seek to share what has been learned with other chemically-afflicted communities.

We also support the justice campaign which is centred on health and environmental issues. The healing work in Bhopal shines most brightly when it is understood as part of the Bhopali’s struggle for basic human rights against brutal opposition. It is not just the bodies that are being healed, but spirits wounded by three decades of injustice, racism and greed.

What We Do

  • Fund the provision of healthcare to survivors, as well as medical and nutritional approaches that alleviate the suffering of first and subsequent generations of those affected by gas exposure and/or water contamination;
  • Champion research into major health and economic problems of affected communities, including the inter-generational health effects of the gas;
  • Foster exchanges and relations with other individuals and communities who can benefit from, or input to, the work at our clinics;
  • Educate others about the situation of communities in Bhopal and other communities suffering from the impacts of industrial pollution;
  • Support efforts for adequate social, economic and environmental rehabilitation of affected communities in Bhopal, and also efforts to hold Union Carbide and owner Dow Chemical accountable for funding appropriate medical research, monitoring and long term care of victims, including those born after the 1984 disaster;
  • Build support for activities to alleviate suffering and prevent future disasters.



Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the world’s understanding of the word Bhopal from grim tragedy to an inspirational symbol of courage, steadfastness, and love that overcomes impossible odds, brings healing out of horror, turns despair to joy and suffering to celebration.

We want to see the story of the Bhopal survivors’ quest for health, justice and a life of dignity empower communities and unleash huge energies for a compassionate change into the world.

Our Values

From the beginning we expressed the view that in this work there is no us, you and them. We have tried to communicate that everyone involved in the work –– the survivors in the shantytowns of Bhopal, people in the Sambhavna clinic, donors, volunteers, supporters, everyone who works with the Bhopal Medical Appeal in the UK –– are all equal partners joined by bonds of compassion and love.

There’s neither coin nor idea too small to find welcome here. Everyone has something unique and valuable to share. Donors give generously. Sambhavna, Chingari and BMA staff, trustees and volunteers give their expertise and commitment.

Survivors give their inspiration, their spirit - their lives.

  • Equality
  • Compassion
  • Expertise
  • Commitment
  • Inspiration
  • Spirit

Please Donate

There are still over 100,000 people suffering from chronic illness as a direct result of the 1984 disaster and a third generation is now blighted by the ongoing water contamination. The clinics are the only places where both groups of people can get free, first-class healthcare.

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