Yoga for Bhopal

Our Yoga for Bhopal Week 2023 will run from Monday, November 27th to Sunday, December 3rd. Will you join Yoga for Bhopal 2023 and dedicate a yoga session to the survivors of Bhopal?


Yoga for Bhopal

The Chingari Trust was founded in 2006 when two Bhopal survivors, Rashida Bee and Champadevi Shukla, were recognized for their activism on behalf of the thousands of survivors of the Union Carbide Gas Disaster, and were presented with the Goldman Environmental Award.

Yoga for Bhopal is a wonderful opportunity to promote the benefits of yoga while helping people affected by the Bhopal gas disaster and the ongoing water contamination.

We invite individuals, teachers, groups and studios to hold a fundraising yoga session or event. This could be a sponsored session, asking for donations instead of a session fee or holding a raffle at your studio, there are lots of different events you can hold, and we are here to support you from ideation to paying in your donations.

Yoga for Bhopal events take place around the year.

To view our list of upcoming Yoga for Bhopal events, please see our BMA events page. Please contact us if you would like to add an event to this page.

We hope that, through Yoga for Bhopal, we can build a network of individual teachers and organisations that can not only benefit from the techniques developed at Sambhavna but, equally, impart the benefit of their own studies.

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Yoga at Sambhavna

Our Sambhavna Clinic uses yoga as one of a range of treatments for the survivors of the Bhopal Disaster.

Yoga is used to treat chronic diseases involving the respiratory, musculo-skeletal, neurological and endocrine systems; whilst women survivors suffer additional, serious gynaecological problems which Sambhavna has also been treating, to great success, using Yoga. At the World Conference of Asthma in Buenos Aires in 2009, yoga techniques used at Sambhavna were hailed for their success.

History of Yoga for Bhopal

Yoga for Bhopal was conceived after an event hosted by author and yoga teacher Meaghan Delahunt.

Since then groups from across the UK have taken part raising vital funds and awareness for the Sambhavna Clinic. One performed 108 sponsored sun salutations, while others have held sessions on Restorative, Perinatal, Antenatal, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin Yoga, among others! Some groups have held a guided meditation session and others have included a film screening and Indian food!

Yoga for Bhopal founder Meaghan Delahunt
Yoga for Bhopal founder Meaghan Delahunt
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Hold Your Own Event

Come and join our growing Yoga for Bhopal movement by holding your own event.

We can support you in organising your event and provide you with free publicity materials and digital promotion. If you would like to get involved or host your own event, please contact us and we will be happy to help in any way we can. For more information on fundraising for the BMA please see our fundraising page or you can download our detailed fundraising guide here.

Yoga Positions At Home

For those of you who are keen yoga practitioners in your own time, or who are unable to attend yoga events in-person for any reason, here are some yoga positions that you can practice at home.

We appreciate that in this current climate, post the Covid-19 pandemic, some yoga fundraisers will still be limited to virtual sessions. Please contact us for information on how to run an online yoga event.

For the complete set of positions you can use to practice yoga on your own, see our yoga positions chart.

Yoga poses for practice at home
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