Christmas in Bhopal

So, what happens in Bhopal at the time of this Christian festival? Although Christians represent only a relatively small number of Indian people, it is still India’s third most popular religion. In Indian culture, festivals are …

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Child in Bhopal harmed by Union Carbide's poisons

A Miracle in Poor Town

SURAJ Malam Singh reached adulthood without ever having caught a ball, sung a song or climbed a tree. At 18 years of age, Suraj had never run or jumped, had never stood up unaided, hadn’t once …

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Chingari Award 2018

Since 2007, the Chingari Trust has handed its annual ‘Chingari Award’ to Indian women making outstanding contributions in the fight against corporate crime and striving to protect the environment. This year’s Chingari Award is jointly given …

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An Urgent Appeal

Over the last year, financial uncertainty resulting from the Brexit referendum has seen the value of  sterling fall steeply. Foreign exchange rate fluctuations are able to have an acute impact upon the Bhopal Medical Appeal because …

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