Powerful Short Speech on Behalf of Rasheeda Bi Read at DowDuPont AGM

Statement read on behalf of Rasheeda Bi, former winner of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize and founder of the Chingari Trust Rehabilitation Centre, at AGM in support of shareholder resolutions calling on DowDuPont to face up to its liabilities in Bhopal.

Rasheeda’s statement makes plain the difficulties facing DowDuPont if it does not do the right thing.

Photo: Giles Clarke, Getty Images.

I heard the screams of the dying as I choked on the gas that was killing them, but I haven’t come here to ask you for justice.

I felt my loved ones’ suffering across endless years until only death could end their agonies, but I’m not here for your sympathy.

I watch the wastes from your factory poison new wells and new wombs, but I’m not here to force you to act.

I’ve met thousands of children corrupted by your chemicals, for whom every day is a struggle you could never imagine, but I haven’t come here for charity.

We are suffering and dying still in Bhopal but I’m not here to trouble your conscience, I’m not here to beg.

I’m here to make one thing completely clear to you all.

I’m here to promise you that I will give my dying breath to stop your company investing in my country. I’m here to tell you that there are thousands more like me and that we will never stop.

Don’t ever say that you were not warned, that you did not know. No justice in #Bhopal, no business in India!


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