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Dr. Sanjay Gour and Kausar Ahmed interviewed on ‘Ayush’

Dr. Sanjay Gour, a Physiotherapist at the Chingari Trust Rehabilitation Centre, was invited recently to appear on health-related programme ‘Ayush’ on Indian TV Channel Doordarshan. The episode featuring Dr. Gour was broadcast on 25th May and focussed on the use of  physiotherapy to treat children suffering from Down’s Syndrome.

Umer Ahmed, a child registered at Chingari and suffering with Down’s Syndrome, was featured on the show and his mother explained how Umer was neither able to hold his head up nor sit even sit properly when he was first registered. After the physiotherapy sessions at Chingari, he was slowly able to hold his neck, then sit, stand, and can now even take a few steps on his own.

Dr. Gour went on to mention the signs which parents might observe in their child enabling them to detect Down’s or other disabilities at an early stage. He explained that Cardiac issues are quite common in children suffering from Down’s and that parents should ensure they receive a regular cardiac check-up. He has also described various simple activities which parents can practice at home with their children and help accelerate their development.

A happy looking Umer Ahmed, who can now stand on his own after physiotherapy at Chingari

Chingari has had great success treating Down’s sufferers, along with children having a wide range of sickness and disability, and the invite to appear on the Ayush show would seem to be a ringing endorsement of the hard work performed by all of its staff.


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