The Curious Tale of the Dow Chemical CEO and Trump’s ‘Presidential Pen’. Part 1.

It’s “Trebles All Round” with a beaming President Trump at the White House after an executive agreement had been signed establishing regulatory watchdogs inside federal agencies. The new watchdogs will be responsible for enforcing his agenda to reduce regulations standing in the way of business- not least those of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Directly to Trump’s right is Dow Chemical CEO, and new head of the American Manufacturing Council, Andrew Liveris who was awarded the ‘Presidential Pen’ for his first significant work as the new head of the American Manufacturing Council.

But, the White House already has ‘The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs’ to review government regulations before they are issued and it is unclear how the existing office will be working with the newly appointed officials.

Dow has a notorious reputation for running rough-shod over rules and regulations in the countries within which it chooses to do business and it comes as no surprise to find Liveris such a fan of the new US Administration’s business policies.

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