The Curious Tale of the Presidential Pen. Part 2.

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Dow Chemical’s generosity toward President Trump, in donating $1million toward his inauguration ceremony, has been rewarded with a ‘Presidential Pen’ and is in no way connected with the reversal of proposals to ban Dow pesticides in the US.

After the extraordinary decision by the new head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, Donald Trump appointee Scott Pruitt, to reverse the proposed ban on the pesticide chlorpyrifos, an enquiry has been requested by Congressional Democrats.

An incredibly damning letter was sent to the EPA stating that the decision was not based on the EPA’s own scientific findings, did not seem consistent with the law and even went on to ask: With which outside entities did he communicate? Specifically, did Mr. Pruitt have any communication with staff or representatives of Dow Chemical or any pesticide industry trade groups including CropLife America?”

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