Yoga For Bhopal at the 33rd Anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster

Antenatal Yoga Workshop with Abigail Peck at IsleofYoga

Yoga For Bhopal events, here in the UK at the disaster’s 33rd anniversary in December, were used to raise awareness of ongoing Bhopal Disaster-related issues, and the work of the Sambhavna Clinic, as well as to raise vital funds to help support its work. We hope the interest shown in both the events here in the UK, and in the work of Sambhavna, marks the start of even greater things to come.

On Friday 1st December, Adele Robertson held a successful event at the Pilton Working Men’s’ Club, in Somerset, where she led a yoga session including postures designed to help with breathing and meditation practices and to awaken compassion and the heart centre. The class was followed by refreshments and a showing of the short film ‘Sambhavna’ which explains a little about the Bhopal Disaster and the work of the Sambhavna Clinic.

Adele Robertson’s group at the Pilton Working Men’s Club

Our Yoga for Bhopal T-shirt was keenly promoted at the event and Adele and friends can be seen at the centre of the picture wearing theirs!

Our thanks go to Adele, for all her hard work, The Pilton Working Men’s’ Club for the use of their venue, long-standing supporter Fiona Case, along with everybody who contributed or participated.

Dr.Laura Potts, Yoga For All York, an iyengar yoga teacher, led a restorative yoga session designed to relax and inspire at Clements Hall, Nunthorpe Road, York.

This was a gentle session of asana and pranayama to restore energy and soothe the nervous system and was followed by a showing of the Sambhavna film with Indian snacks and warming chai provided.

On a freezing York night, Laura felt a spirit of real support and great motivation among the group and, on the back of it all, Laura has persuaded one of their senior teachers, Kirsten Agar Ward, to donate 20% of her takings from a class in York at the beginning of February: CLICK

Our thanks go to Laura, for all her hard work, Kirsten Agar Ward, Clement’s Hall for the use of their venue, along with everybody else who contributed or participated.

Emma Rattenbury leads her Iyengar class at Sheffield Yoga Centre

On Saturday 2nd, Iyengar teacher Emma Rattenbury  hosted a session at the Sheffield Yoga Centre

The class was followed by a showing of the Sambhavna film with tea and cake provided. Emma was delighted with the event and equally pleased that those viewing the film found it both moving and thought provoking.

Our thanks go to Emma and the Sheffield Yoga Centre, along with everybody else who contributed or participated.

Emma gives a talk at the screening of ‘Sambhavna’

On the same day, IsleofYoga on the Isle of Wight, hosted a one day Antenatal Yoga Workshop with Abigail Peck. Abigail is a perinatal yoga teacher, doula and co-director of the Acquaviva School of Yoga and specialises in prevention or recovery from common injuries associated with pregnancy.

Antenatal Yoga Workshop at IsleofYoga

Erling McCracken, from IsleofYoga, arranged the event and is particularly interested in the exchange of information with the Sambhavna Clinic

After the event, Erling said that “It felt so good, gave significant meaning to my understanding of what yoga means… yoga does mean connection and I felt that I was connecting to the guys in India… I would love to share our experiences with them if it helps engage more people to practice.” In a blog piece Erling explains a little more of how yoga makes connections: CLICK

Erling also proposes to go forward with one-to-one ante-natal classes and to donate 10% to our appeal on an ongoing basis. Isle of Yoga’s commitment to fundraising is extremely welcome and we’re especially pleased to have such enthusiasm for the sharing of knowledge right at the outset.

Our thanks go to the Isle of Yoga, Erling and Elaine McCracken, Abigail Peck and all the participants in the workshop.

Antenatal Yoga Workshop at IsleofYoga








Sunday 3rd December saw the main 33rd Anniversary protest rally in Bhopal, with the five assembled survivors’ organisations marching to the gates of the abandoned Union Carbide factory while Yoga For Bhopal returned to its spiritual roots in Edinburgh where Meaghan Delahunt had arranged a series of yoga classes at the Santosa Yoga and Meditation studio: CLICK

Santosa Yoga and Meditation studio

At Santosa, sessions were organised in Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pranyama and Yoga Nidra with a further ‘De-stress for Inner Calm’ class led by Lorraine Close. Lorraine is a previous volunteer at the Sambhavna Clinic and now heads up the Outreach Development for Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach  combining her background in nursing with her specialist yoga training in trauma therapy.

Our thanks go to all of the teachers; Esme Lopez, Brigid Collins, Bijam, Sheila Dafereras, Lorraine Close and Kirsty Harper; to Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach and Lorraine Close for donating the money from their workshop to YfB; to Janis Binnie, Laurent Jacquet and all at Santosa who have already offered to host YfB next year! We also thank the students that came and those who didn’t make it but sent donations.

All in all, we could hardly be more pleased with our Yoga for Bhopal weekend. The passion for the cause, along with the enthusiasm and energy to host the events, gives us great hope for the future of our movement. #YogaForBhopal

Girl with candle Bhopal

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