Join Bhopal Campaign Twitter Storm Protest – April 25th.

April 25th sees the inaugural AGM of DowDuPont Inc and the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal are organizing a Twitter storm from 4pm to 7pm (UK time), using the hashtags #DowDuPontCo and #DontBuryBhopal.

 The idea is to overwhelm the corporate messaging, and make it clear to #DowDuPontCo that they cannot escape the responsibility they have towards the Bhopal Tragedy.

Some suggested Tweets below. Alternatively, please feel free to compose your own Tweet but do make sure to include the hashtag #DowDuPontCo

  1. #Bhopal demands justice now! #DowDuPontCo
  2. We will not let #DowDuPontCo bury #Bhopal #NoJusticeNoBusiness
  3. 34 years after the world’s worst environmental disaster #DowChemical is trying to evade responsibilities by merging with #DuPont. We will not let #DowDuPontCo bury #Bhopal #NoJusticeNoBusiness
  4. #Dow #Carbide #DuPont the changing face of corporate terror. #RememberBhopal #DowDuPontCo
  5. From #UnionCarbide to #DowCarbide to #DowDuPontCo. The killers of Bhopal can run but cannot hide.

If you’d like to include a graphic or an image then please right-click on any from this page and you will be given an option to save.

Secondary Hashtags: #DontBuryBhopal #JusticeForBhopal #DowDuPontJusticeNow #NoJusticeNoBusiness #RememberBhopal

Why Is The Twitter Storm Happening?

Socially responsible shareholders have filed three resolutions on Bhopal. These resolutions will be put to the vote on April 25th. DowDuPont plans to split into three new companies by June 2019. Union Carbide will split into at least two of these companies. Because criminal liability cannot be transferred from one entity to another, Carbide might, in this way, forever escape ever having to answer for Bhopal in a court of law. During the long struggle for their rights, Bhopal survivors have led hundreds of demonstrations and direct actions, dozens of hunger strikes and epic rights marches. Along the way they’ve faced arrest, police brutality, false charges and company lawsuits. Still, their actions have prevented Dow Chemical completing any major investments in India’s booming economy. This Wednesday, it’s critical that DowDuPont stakeholders are made to clearly understand one thing – NO JUSTICE IN BHOPAL, NO BUSINESS IN INDIA.




Girl with candle Bhopal

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