Is a Bhopal survivor’s life worth 100 times less than that of an Alaskan sea bird?

In the website of the International Campaign for Justice (ICJB) a shocking fact reveals that:

“Corporations value a Bhopal survivor’s life at 100 times less than that of an Alaskan sea bird. This seems unbelievable but it’s actually true. In 1989 Exxon spent $51,000 on the rehabilitation of each bird affected by its oil disaster. It was the same year India struck its infamous settlement with Union Carbide that granted $494 compensation to 93 percent of Bhopal gas survivors.”

While it is correct that seabirds and other creatures should be looked after properly in the event of disaster, ICJB explains that the meagre compensation doled out to the Bhopalis has amounted to just $14 per year for those who have survived this long.

The compensation should have helped them for the rest of their lives but, 34 years later, even their most basic medical needs are nowhere near being met.

ICJB now calls on us to join their campaign calling for fair and adequate compensation from the Curative Petition- due for hearing later this month.

This may be the last chance for the Bhopalis to see the compensation they deserve so please support this campaign.






Girl with candle Bhopal

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