American rapperwith some very interesting lyrical content about Union Carbide

B.Dolan_B.Dolan, Lucifer R.S.V.P

A strong, passionate rap, from B.Dolan, an American rapper, spoken word artist and activist from Providence, Rhode Island with some very interesting lyrical content about Union Carbide and erstwhile CEO Warren Anderson. As an activist, B. Dolan is known as a co-founder of, a wiki devoted to connecting consumers with social responsibility information about corporations.

The track is FREE to download so please pass it on. You can hear it & download here: Lucifer R.S.V.P

The lyrics are below (includes some ‘bad language’)

I’m from the murder capital
Where we murder for capital.

Where the powerful stay silent
as thousands lay dying.

What kind of evil would let people drown in their lungs?
Bury their daughters and sons down in the mud?
Place the blame with the fortunate ones
The same who made a profit from agent orange
Sprayed Vietnam with napalm
Mutations for generations in the places they bomb
But escape to the states to evade law
Like December 3, 1984
40 tons of lethal gas leak from a factory in Bhopal
Safety catches turned off by the company boss
More than 20,000 dead and negligence was the cause
and 100,000 more were injured and stillborn
and the rat fuck to blame for it all
ain’t never had a day in court.
Private jets take off
Arrive in the U.S.
Where they send in a bomb threat if you harbor a ‘terrorist’
Body count of Bin Laden times ten
Got a million dollars house in the fucking Hamptons…

And his name is Warren Anderson…
929 Ocean Ave.
Bridgehampton NY 11716

When the doctors on the ground
Who were treating the sick
Needed to know from the CEO
the composition
of chemicals that choked victims in their hospital beds,
they begged for Mr. Anderson to put a stop to the death
He was response-able but not non-responsive
didn’t choose to save people.
Lucifer knew the truth but he called it a trade secret
Flew the coop,
Touched glue,
Paid off the bail easy.
Supposed to be in hiding but thanks to the DMV
the location of a snakeden is still public information
got with any car registration
so you ain’t hard to reach…
Run and tell the State Department “No justice no peace!”
For the Butcher of Bhopal and all killer companies
for the cocktail party.

Send your R.S.V.P. to:
111 S. Catalina Ct.
Vero Beach, FL 32963

Calling all cars, calling all cars…
This is an APB: mass murderer at large…
Be on the lookout for a black cadillac
with a white man inside
sitting on fat stacks.

Calling all cars, calling all cars…
This is an APB: mass murderer at large…
Give the dead rest,
Give victims the truth
or don’t get upset when chickens come home to roost.

This guys got a lot of houses…

4 Sound Shore Dr. #6
Greenwich, CT 06830

Mailing address:
6001 N. Highway A1A PMB 8091
Indian River Shores, FL 32963

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