The Bhopal Challenge


Warwick University has, thanks to the energy of a group of dedicated student supporters, become a hot-bed of activity in support of our appeal. Originally inspired by final year Economics, Politics and International Studies student, Surabhi Nagar, who originates from Bhopal and master-minded an extremely successful fundraiser while living in Singapore as a teenager, the students at Warwick have now hosted a wide range of brilliantly conceived events.

Early this year, Warwick held its annual TEDx event, TEDxWarwick, with BMA Executive Trustee, Tim Edwards, a featured speaker. Tim’s talk can be found here: What the Spirit of Bhopal Teaches us About Surviving Despair.



On the 27th November, Warwick Amnesty hosted a special event, commemorating the anniversary of the disaster, ‘Clouds of Injustice: The Bhopal Disaster 34 Years Later’, once again with Tim Edwards addressing the group but with a deeper focus on the corporate responsibility issues.

On the 23rd November, IMPACT at Warwick held a pub quiz, themed on ‘Developing Global Issues’, with proceeds going to our appeal. Impact is a new group at Warwick with a goal of raising awareness on global issues to encourage and effect change. Impact offers educational, instructional and creative workshops for Warwick University students across a range of global issues chosen by any student wishing to engage.

Now, the Bhopal Medical Appeal is lucky enough to be the focus of a major fundraiser at Warwick. Masterminded by Surabhi and fellow student Hasan Ebrahim.

In February 2019, Warwick students will be asked to make a ‘virtual trip’ to Bhopal and raise both funds and awareness of the disaster. The idea is to ‘virtually’ cover the distance from the campus to Bhopal (7241 km). Students can take part as individuals or as a part of a society and can walk, run, cycle, hop, swim, skateboard, ride a horse or a pogo stick; they can use a rowing machine or a spin cycle, but what they can NOT do is use any form of mechanically powered vehicle

Our thanks go to Surabhi and Hasan. It’s a great project, and a fantastic effort, from a dynamic team who are backing it all up with a well put together social media campaign and dedicated website.

The Bhopal Challenge: website


Girl with candle Bhopal

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Your money helps us provide free medical care to the survivors of the continuing disaster in Bhopal. We are funded almost exclusively by the generosity of ordinary people around the world.

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