How One Highland Church raised £3250 for the People of Bhopal

Some of the Fundraising Team – Inverurie West Parish Church

This is how one Highland church raised £3250 for the people of Bhopal, by Biff Barrow.

Having heard how women walked to Delhi to raise awareness of the situation in Bhopal, the young people decided to ‘kick start’ their fundraising by undertaking a sponsored walk around Inverurie (once again to raise awareness of the continuing suffering of people in Bhopal.) Friends, family members – and dogs – joined in the 6 mile hike (quite a distance for some of our youngest members.)  Those who didn’t join us, gave generously and provided tea, juice and cakes for us back at the Church on our return

Young people made Christmas Crafts and Cards from recycling everyday objects – pencil pots from decorated tin cans; reindeer fridge magnets from clothes pegs and pipe cleaners; ‘star’ hanging decorations from lollipop sticks; fairies from scraps of material etc etc – and sold them at a Christmas Craft Stall

Realising the huge role yoga played in the recuperation and rehabilitation of people who had suffered in Bhopal, a Church member who is also Yoga Tutor held a yoga session one Saturday morning in the Church.

A local herbalist took a group of people on a guided walk along the bank of our local River (the Ury) pointing out the herbs and plants and explaining their medicinal properties

An amazing lady (ably aided and abetted by her family, three of whom are Junior Church members) provided paying guests with an Indian Buffet Feast. Games and a Quiz helped make this an unforgettable evening!

An Indian Dance School in Aberdeen agreed to come out to Inverurie and put on a performance of Classical Indian Dance in the Church. (One of our Indian Restaurants provided half time ‘snacks’)

Our heartfelt thanks go to Biff, her colleagues and the congregation at Inverurie, for all of their hard work on such an inspirational series of events. We also offer our very best wishes to the Minister for a long and happy retirement.



Girl with candle Bhopal

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