Disha’s Story

Disha is 18 years old and has been registered at the Chingari Trust since 2014. A popular and well-liked young person, Disha suffers from intellectual disability. The disability affects Disha’s cognitive functioning, such as learning, problem solving and judgement and this also affects her adaptive functioning, impacting her communication skills and social participation. Like other registered children at Chingari, Disha comes from an intergenerational gas and water affected family. Her father Mahesh and mother Arti are survivors of the 1984 Union Carbide Bhopal gas disaster.

Disha’s story is inspirational and captures the spirit of Chingari. When Disha registered at Chingari, she lacked confidence and the ability to undertake routine tasks like carrying and holding items and basic writing skills. Undertaking education classes and physiotherapy, Disha has learnt how to play sports and excels in basketball. With consistent practice and coaching from Chingari’s physical therapists, Disha is recognised as one of India’s finest young basketball players and was selected in their national team for the 2023 Special Olympics World Games in Berlin. A testament to Disha’s skill, she made several appearances throughout the tournament as India won the silver medal: a stunning achievement.

Disha’s potential is incredible and is being realised with support from Chingari. She has established herself as one of India’s leading young basketball players and will represent her country in future tournaments.

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