Ankada’s Story

Ankada is 19 years old and has been receiving care at Chingari from the age of 6 for hearing impairment. Her late father, Jameel, was a gas survivor.

When Ankada first came to Chingari she was not able to speak, using signs to communicate and express herself, and her inability to hear meant that she had little understanding of what others were saying to her. The provision of digital hearing aids, audiometric training and speech therapy at Chingari however has been life changing for Ankada. She is now able to hear and understand what people are saying to her and she can now speak at a level that allows her to express her needs and feelings with others and to tell basic stories.

Ankada has also been receiving special education at Chingari. Before attending, she was not able to go to normal school, write numbers 1-10 or write complete alphabets, however she has now progressed to such a degree that she is able to attend a normal school, write numbers 1-100, do basic math, create arts and crafts, perform basic computer skills, write the names of days, months and colours in Hindi and English. She is now also able to read Hindi and has completed Quran.

Like most children at Chingari, Ankada loves the food served there, especially the Biryani, pasta and noodles and one day she would like to become an air hostess.

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