The Merger of Dow and DuPont: What Does it Mean for Bhopal?

The Merger of Dow and DuPont: What Does it Mean for Bhopal?
On 31 August, 2017, a merger was completed between the Dow Chemical Company and DuPont to form a single chemical company, worth an estimated $130billion, known as DowDuPont. The new company is expected to split into three publicly-traded companies: an agriculture business known as Corteva Agriscience: a materials science business, Dow, and a specialty products company to be called DuPont.

Union carbide has been a 100% owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical since 2001 and, according to Baskut Tuncak the UN’s special rapporteur on hazardous substances and wastes: “This merger creates yet another layer of legal hurdles for victims to arrive at any semblance of an effective remedy and accountability for a preventable disaster now more than 30 years old.”

Find out how BMA reported the story:

Dow Chemical Hides Dirty Linen From Investors Ahead Of DuPont Merger
Before special stockholders’ meetings at both Dow and DuPont, where a vote on the merger is to be held, we explain how the companies were making inadequate or misleading disclosures in their respective joint merger proxy material with respect to contamination legacies.

EU Anti Competition Investigation
Text of BMA letter to Mrs. Margrethe Vestager, EU Competition Commissioner detailing ‘grave concern’ over issues concerning the proposed merger between Dow Chemical and DuPont’.

Bhopal Disaster Victims May Never Get Compensation Following DowDuPont Merger, Fears UN Official

A Toxic Merger UpdateMarch 3, 2017
Despite being under investigation by the EU, and still not approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Dow’s website apparently reveals the merger as a done deal.

The Toxic Merger of Dow and DuPont – Update – 27 March 2017
EU gives ‘conditional approval’ to Dow DuPont merger.

EU Gives Go-Ahead to DowDuPont Toxic Mega-Merger – March 30, 2017

Toxic Merger Update – April 18, 2017

Toxic Merger – June 22, 2017
US Department of Justice approves merger

Further Trouble for Dow & DuPont Merger as Jury Awards $10.5m Punitive Damages in DuPont C-8 Case

Dow Chemical CEO To Retire Just as Supreme Court Says Contamination Disaster Spreading in Bhopal

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