Spirit in Motion- a classical guitar benefit concert for survivors of the Bhopal gas disaster

Jerome Rouffe
Jerome Rouffe performs for Bhopal Survivors Benefit

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Students for Bhopal group organised ‘Spirit in Motion’- a classical guitar benefit concert for survivors of the Bhopal gas disaster in Boston.

On Feb 24th, 2012 Jerome Mouffee took center-stage to enthrall about 120 people with astounding skill and musicianship. The event helped raise $1250 for the survivors of the Bhopal Gas Disaster. This disaster happened twenty-seven years ago in India, killing thousands of people and injuring half a million more and is the world’s worst industrial disaster. The concert was organized by volunteers of the Boston chapter of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB).

There was a short intermission where a presentation about the gas tragedy and Dow’s involvement with the Olympics was highlighted. Dow Chemicals are the primary sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics to be held in July-August. The Olympics committee has ensured to be the most sustainable games ever. Human rights, legal, environmental health, MP’s, Olympians and other experts are demanding that Dow Chemical, the current owner of Union Carbide, be held accountable for their outstanding liability and be removed as a major sponsor of the games

The concert was especially beneficial in raising awareness and also getting the audience to sign the petition to remove DOW as a major sponsor from the Olympics, which we are continually urging everyone to sign and stand against ongoing injustice in Bhopal.

Classical guitarist Jerome Rouffe supports Bhopal cause

The suffering of the Bhopalis which began almost 27 years ago when Union Carbide employed cost-cutting measures resulting in the leakage of methyl isocyanate (MIC) from their plant on December 3rd 1984, still persists. To date, Union Carbide has not cleaned up the site. The effects of this corporate negligence are still felt, as toxins from the site have crept into the soil and water in the affected areas. Children in Bhopal are still born with birth defects and most Bhopalis still do not have access to clean drinking water. Dow Chemical (Union Carbide’s current parent company) refuses to compensate the victims.

Jerome is a virtuoso guitarist from Belgium who has dazzled international audiences with his passionate and spontaneous playing. Jerome has toured extensively as a soloist and chamber musician throughout the United States and Western Europe. n November 2009, he was invited to perform at the International Agustin Barrios Mangore Festival in Brussels, where he shared the stage with his mentor Eliot Fisk in addition to performing his own solo recital at the prestigious Flagey concert hall.

This evening not only showcased the talents of Jerome and helped raise funds for the campaign, but also increased awareness about the Bhopal Chemical Disaster, its ongoing effects, Olympic sponsorship and what people can do to help.

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Jerome Rouffe Concert organisers
MIT Spirit in Motion Organisers

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