“Sambhavna needs it more than we do” say happy couple

Wedding donations to the Bhopal Medical Appeal

Congratulations to Saurabh Jain and John Hurst who will be celebrating their civil partnership on the 9th June 2012. Saurabh and John are asking their friends and family for donations to the Bhopal Medical Appeal in lieu of gifts.

John spent a week volunteering at the Sambhavna clinic funded by the BMA in November 2010, and Saurabh regularly travels to Bhopal to operate and help train the local ophthalmology teams.

“Sambhavna is amazing.  It is the best example of a patient-centred, community located, excellent and environmentally sustainable clinic we have ever seen.  The clinic is devoted to looking after those affected by the 1984 disaster, or still being affected by the toxic waste that contaminates the local water.  We’ve supported the charity for a while now, and we think they deserve that support. If you were thinking of spending money on us, please, think again. Sambhavna needs it more than we do” say the couple.

Warm thanks to the happy couple from all of us at the BMA.

To go to Saurabh and John’s JustGiving page click here

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