‘Race Into Time’ Exhibition- an Art Take on the Olympic Games

‘Race Into Time’ is a travelling exhibition providing a response to the presence of the Olympic Games in Britian this year. Questions are asked such as why did the olympic contracts go to American chemical and fast food giants? The messages behind ‘Race Into Time’ are orchestrated by the Campaign for Real Farming. They aim to show the world how to grow food heathily and not consume the fast food being sold at Olympic outlets at this years games.

Coe challenged to drink Bhopal Water
The Water Challenge Piece in the Exhibition

This weekend- Saturday 9th/ Sunday 10th June 2012- Church Farm, Ardeley will be hosting the exhibition as well as other events including a sculpture trail and participatory speakers forum.

The exhibition includes a bottle of contaminated water from Bhopal which Lord Coe, of London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) is challanged to drink. Coe has been challanged to drink water from Bhopal in December last year when he declined to comment.

The collection of artworks in the exhibition are all concerned with the race for time and the essence of time itself.  After the joy of running, jumping and competing the organisers wondered – in what direction is humanity is racing? Where will it end up?

The curators agree with the LOCOG that Britian is setting an example to the rest of the world as to how things should be, and therfore they seek to demonstrate how they believe things should be.

The motivating factors explored in the exhibition are:

– To show the world that we know how to produce good food that is healthy, while at the same time taking care of nature herself.
– That the allotment holders were evicted from what is now the Olympic site have now been given new sites. One issue here is – is food eaten direct from ones garden better than preserved fresh food and if so why?
– The recent press coverage of the continuing tradgey for the victims of the Bhopal disaster in India and Agent Orange in Vietnam.

The exhibition started in Cork Street Gallery in London before heading to Wallingford Food Festival in Oxford . It continues to Farm the City London Festival and proposes more dates in the Autumn.

For more information on the event click here


Girl with candle Bhopal

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