‘Justice for Bhopal’ Avaaz Campaign

Avaaz Petition Justice for Bhopal

The online campaigning community Avaaz has launched a trial run of a campaign intending to further the cause seeking justice in Bhopal.

The Indian Courts will shortly be hearing a ‘curative petition’ that seeks to redress the gross inadequacy of the 1989 settlement. The courts agree that the settlement resulted in an “irremediable injustice”. Dow Chemical is a named respondent before the Supreme Court and this hearing could finally see some real justice finally coming to the survivors of the 1984 disaster.

But, for this to come even close to justice it is crucial that the correct numbers of dead and injured are used and this is where the Avaaz petition comes in. The Home Affairs Minister Chidambaram is busy erasing almost 80% of the victims from the claim, drastically reducing the possible damages, and the Avaaz petition can help pressure him to accept the proper figures.

This is a trail run of the petition and they need to see a good response before they consider putting it out to their full database of 15 million! If the petition runs to the full Avaaz group it may also even contain a fundraising element for the Bhopal Medical Appeal and this would be an incredible boost for us.

Please follow the link and register for Avaaz, if you are not already a member, and sign the petition here. Please spread this as far as you can as we really believe that this could be a significant milestone in the quest for justice for Bhopal.

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