Greenwash Gold Campaign taken to LOCOGs offices

Dow Bhopal Greenwash Gold Olympic Sponsorship
The Greewash Gold message at the LOCOG head office © Amy Scaife

 The Greenwash Gold campaign took their message straight to the offices of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) on Monday 18th June 2012.

Groups from the Bhopal Medical Appeal, London Mining Network and UK Tar Sands, the campaign groups behind the Greenwash Gold 2012 campaign protested outside the LOCOG headquarters.

After LOCOG’s constant refusal to meet any of the groups involved in the campaign about the London Olympics’ controversial corporate sponsors, the Greenwash Gold message was taken right to their front door. Giant dummy megaphones were used to project the message to the LOCOG offices.

LOCOG were asked to send down a representative to meet the campaigners, but once again LOCOG refused to engage. This is in spite of the fact that, following Drop Dow Now’s demonstration in March, Lord Coe himself said he would be happy to meet those demonstrating to discuss the serious issue of toxic corporate sponsorship. 

 Dow Bhopal Rio Tinto BP Olympic Sponsorship

The Greenwash Gold campaign has produced animations targeting the controversial environmental and human rights records of three Olympic sponsors, Dow, BP and Rio Tinto,  and is encouraging viewers to vote for the ‘worst’ company that will be awarded the Greenwash Gold medal at the start of the games.

Colin Toogood from the BMA said: LOCOG and Lord Coe have been ignoring the Bhopal Medical Appeal’s request for a meeting since last August when the The Dow Chemical Company’s sponsorship of the stadium wrap was announced. The truth is that Lord Coe knows that Dow are shielding Union Carbide from criminal charges, relating to the Bhopal disaster, and there is simply no way they can have a public conversation about this matter and maintain a position in support of the Dow Chemical sponsorship deal.”

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