Covid-19 Update: Week of October 12th

Photo by Biju Nair

Every week in Bhopal, Community Health Workers (CHW’s) from Sambhavna and teams of Community Health Volunteers (CHV’s) from local neighbourhoods screen local residents for Covid-19 symptoms, refer those who test positive for treatment, and carry out other essential community health work for survivors. In the week beginning October 12th, teams of Community Health Volunteers screened over 150 residents in 12 neighbourhoods for coronavirus. Here is all the work they achieved specifically related to Covid-19:

  • 154 individuals displaying symptoms were screened for Covid-19
  • 8 patients were referred to the Sambhavna clinic for treatment
  • 4 patients displaying more serious symptoms were referred to local hospitals for Covid-19 treatment
  • 125 ‘What to do until next rainy season’ posters offering advice for coping with Covid-19 were put up in multiple neighbourhoods
  • 25 Posters offering advice on correct social distancing and how to self-isolate were put up in multiple neighbourhoods
  • 9 new Community Health Volunteers were recruited to the program
Photo by Biju Nair

Additionally, the following essential health work was carried out by Community Health Volunteers in these 12 neighbourhoods:

  • 51 local residents were taught home remedies for self treatment during lockdown
  • 68 people were prescribed medicines for existing health conditions
  • 44 people were prescribed ayurvedic treatments for existing health conditions
  • 57 people were prescribed herbal remedies for existing health conditions
  • 39 people received health training on diseases from contaminated water from CHV’s
  • 10 people received health training on seasonal diseases from CHV’s
  • A workshop giving health advice on anaemia was held for local residents by CHV’s
  • A workshop giving health advice on  malaria and dengue fever was held for local residents by CHV’s
  • 5 CHV’s were trained in thermal scanning
  • 5 CHV’s were taught to measure blood pressure
  • 4 pregnant women received follow-up appointments at Sambhavna to monitor their health
  • 1 individual with non-Covid related health issues was referred for an appointment at Sambhavna
  • A new recruitment push was made by CHV’s in new neighbourhoods to recruit more volunteers
Photo by Biju Nair
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