Clinics Expand Covid-19 Community Shield

Photo by Biju Nair

Following the success of the Sambhavna and Chingari clinics’ Bhopal Community Shield initiative against Covid-19, we are delighted to report that they will be expanding the scope of their work to incorporate 20 new survivor communities in the city, providing care and support to an additional 21,000 people. The decision was made by Sambhavna Managing Trustee Sathyu Sarangi and Chingari Managing Trustee Rashida Bee in a meeting with community health volunteers this morning, July 7th.

In the past three months, more than 180 community volunteers have participated in the initiative in the 15 communities surrounding the abandoned UCC factory, screening more than 10,000 people and making special arrangements to protect another 900 high-risk individuals. Volunteers helped educate local residents on social distancing measures and how to self-isolate, as well as organising testing for those displaying symptoms during screening. They also arranged for and monitored home quarantine measures for those entering from outside the community.

This expansion will include recruiting more community volunteers from the 20 new communities, as well as adding all 21,000 residents to the existing programme for monitoring, reporting of symptoms, testing and treatment. We would like to thank all of the community volunteers who are giving their time and risking their health every day without pay to protect their fellow Bhopalis. We would also like to thank all the staff at both clinics for their efforts in implementing the Bhopal Community Shield Initiative, as well as providing volunteers with training and building and distributing vital personal protective equipment for use in the community.

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