Chingari’s Latest Expansion

Spacious facilities in the new Chingari building

From humble beginnings in 2006, operating from a tiny building originally occupied by the very first Sambhavna Clinic, the Chingari Trust Rehabilitation Centre has gone from strength to strength.  Thanks to the outstanding work taking place there, and its many generous supporters, BMA has been privileged enough to help the centre expand, moving on two occasions, and now operating from a sizeable facility with the capacity to treat over 200 children each day.

But the need is still not being met and Chingari’s Community Workers are seeing alarming numbers, from a third-generation of children, now suffering the effects of Union Carbide’s poisons. Along with the many children born with problems resulting from their parent’s exposure to the contaminated water, it’s clear this is a growing crisis.

Now, a generous gift from the Azeem Premji Philanthropic Initiative, has helped Chingari set up a second, smaller clinic just a couple of hundred metres away from the main building. The new facility will offer Physiotherapy, Special Education, and other therapies, with new vans acquired to shuttle the children between their homes and the clinic. As ever, all of the services at Chingari are provided free of charge.

We’re delighted to say that the new clinic is now up and running, at full capacity, and has a hundred children attending regularly, all receiving the same incredible love and support as has always been given at Chingari.

Girl with candle Bhopal

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