Chingari Prepares to Re-Open

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Good news from the Chingari Children’s clinic, which has applied for government permission to re-open following the easing of lockdown restrictions in India and the re-opening of a number of schools in Bhopal. In the short-term the plan will be for half the children to attend each day and alternate days, which will make it easier to observe social distancing measures and ensure the safety of staff and patients. Given that a number of the children require regular treatments to manage chronic health conditions, it’s essential that the clinic re-open as soon as it is deemed safe to ensure that those courses of treatment can continue.

In the meantime, teams of physiotherapists and other staff from Chingari have been carrying out home visits to assess patients ahead of their return to the clinic and update parents and carers on exercise routines and other methods that can be used for treatment at home. The staff report seeing improvements in conditions in many homes these past few weeks, as a limited number of people have been able to return to work and resume supporting their families.

For those families without work or otherwise still struggling, drivers from Chingari continue to deliver ration packs to support them until conditions improve. Staff have delivered over 200 ration packs in the past two weeks alone, and will continue to provide assistance wherever they can until life returns to normal. We wish to thank all of the Chingari staff for their incredible work these past few months to help all of the children in the Chingari family in any way they can during this difficult time. We hope that the clinic will be re-opening very soon and will have more updates for you then.

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