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Corporate Power, British East India Company, Union Carbide Bhopal

‘The Corporation that Changed the World: How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational’ by Nick Robins, 2nd Edition, 2012

Published by Pluto Press, the new edition expands the tale of how the British East India Company evolved from a marginal player in spices into an institution that transformed world trade. Its tempestuous rise and fall involved stock market bubbles, government bail-outs and board room battles. It conquered huge parts of India with its private army, prompting famine and de-industrialisation, manipulated markets with its monopoly power and drove the opium trade with China. Its end came with rebellion and, ultimately, nationalisation.

The Company’s legacy has much to teach us about enduring relations between Europe and Asia – and its story provides powerful lessons on how to govern corporations so that they serve the public good.

As with the first edition, all royalties from the sale of the book are donated to the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

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