BMA Schools’ Programme, Spring 2018

With spring term  well under way our schools’ project is back in action and, last week, we re-visited St Luke’s school in Brighton where BMA Executive Trustee, Tim Edwards and his wife Farah gave a captivating talk to year 3 students. As ever, the children were very excited to learn about India, our charity and what they will be doing on the course. The children were eager to learn more and a sea of hands followed every section. As the conversation came around to the Holi festival, a real buzz came from the children as they discovered they’d be taking part in their own ‘Holi’ celebration later that term- in the form of a playground powder paint fight!

After the talk, there was a food tasting where the children got the chance to try ‘Poha’, a traditional North Indian breakfast, hand made by Farah. As always, the food brought huge smiles to the children’s faces along with demands for more food and a copy of the recipe! Luckily for the children, the Poha recipe is included in the goodie bag we give everybody that completes the Color Run for us in September.

For more detail on the school’s project and the Color Run, or if you’d like us to run a programme at your school: CLICK



Girl with candle Bhopal

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