Black workers’ conference of Scottish TUC passes motion in support of Bhopal struggles

079-484x361On the 6th October the Black Workers’ Conference of the Scottish trade union congress unanimously passed a motion in support of the Bhopalis’ struggles.

Bhopal Disaster 30 Years On
“That this Conference notes the forthcoming anniversary of 30 years since the catastrophic Bhopal disaster, still considered the world’s worst industrial accident with 20,000 deaths, 500,000 injured and approximately 150,000 still struggling with serious medical conditions.
“The owner of the plant at the time of the leaks was Union Carbide and is now Dow Chemicals. Dow has inherited liability, but never paid appropriate compensation. The environmental impact continues to devastate communities, health and livelihoods within a large impoverished area.
“In December 2014, a delegation of Scottish trade unionists will visit Bhopal. Their invitation comes in recognition of the support Scotland has given to Bhopal Medical Appeal, which continues to run free health clinics for all the victims of the toxic exposure and contamination.
“Conference congratulates the Scottish Friends of Bhopal and agrees to send a message of solidarity to the December events, as well as encourage all affiliates to support the Bhopal Medical Appeal.”

Girl with candle Bhopal

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