Bhopal Remembered Around the World

On the 3rd of December 2012, the 28th anniversary of the world’s worst industrial disaster,  many people around the world remembered those still suffering in Bhopal.

staff and children at the Chingari Trust in Bhopal commemorate 28th years since the 1984 Union Carbide
Survivors remember the gas disaster at Chingari Trust in Bhopal
28 years and still fighting for justice- Harvard remembers Bhopal
Students at Harvard University held a candlelit vigil for the 28th anniversary
candles are lit to remember those who died 28 years ago in the Bhopal gas disaster
BGPMUS survivor remember those who continue to suffer 28 years after the Dow Union Carbide Bhopal gas disaster
Bhopal gas disaster 28th anniversary candle lit vigil Bhopal Medical Appeal
Survivors organisations in Bhopal commemorate the anniversary
Girl with candle Bhopal

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