Art During the Olympics- The Bhopal Enigma

A sculpture titled ‘The Bhopal Enigma’ by sculptor Stephen Vince began its UK tour at the London Olympics in protest of Dow Chemicals’ sponsorship of the games. Campaigners see this sponsorship as an attempt to ‘greenwash’ their reputation rather than mend some of the human damage and suffering that they have caused since their take over of Union Carbide.

Bhopal Enginma Samar S. Jodha Amnesty International

‘The Bhopal Enigma’ met Samar S. Jodha’s exhibition ‘Bhopal, A Silent Picture’ at the premises of Amnesty International in London. A surprise meeting took place between these two sculptures on Sunday the 29th July 2012 soon after the opening of the 2012 Olympics in London.

Symbols of Hope from tristan vince on Vimeo.

A short 3 minute film titled ‘A Symbol of Hope’ by Stephen’s son Tristan Vince tackles the connection between the sculpture and the Olympics. Tristan travelled with his father filming his sculptures in an array of new environments. From Glastonbury Tor to Olympic London; the Bhopal Enigma has been on an epic journey. His aim was to bring the sculpture alive using film. The Stainless steel sculptures were fantastic to film because they distort and react to all movement, either by the camera or by things around them.

A short Olympic stroll round London by the Bhopal Enigma

Stephen Vince Bhopal enigma London Olympics
Bhopal Enigma with the flags at the Houses of Parliament 29th July 2012

Stephen Vince Bhopal enigma London Olympics

Girl with candle Bhopal

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