Times of India: No Expert on Lungs, Kidneys and Cancers at Bhopal Hospitals

Recent investigation by the Times of India, as per their story published January 4th 2020, has uncovered that despite gas survivors’ increased susceptibility to lung and kidney disorders and several varieties of cancer, there is no expert for treatment of renal disorder, cancer and trouble in respiratory systems in any of the government hospitals.

In a recent study conducted by researchers at our own Sambhavna clinic, rates of cancers among gas survivors were found to be twice as high as among the unexposed population, as were conditions affecting the lungs, while rates of kidney disease are a staggering three times higher. These conditions all require specialist treatment that is simply not available at the government hospitals due to lack of both expert staff and equipment.



Even more shockingly, not one of the gas relief hospitals in the city has a trained oncologist, and the oncology department at BMHRC, a specialty hospital setup specifically for the treatment of gas victims, has been closed entirely. If you would like to read more about the situation, you can follow the link to the original article in the Times of India below:


Girl with candle Bhopal

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