Bhopal Disaster Survivors March on Union Carbide Factory

Bhopal Disaster survivors march on Union Carbide factory
Photo Credit – Rohit Jain

Late in the evening, thirty-four years ago today, the world’s worst industrial disaster rumbled in to life as highly toxic MIC gas began spewing from tank E610 on Union Carbide’s dilapidated pesticide factory in the heart of a populous central Indian city, Bhopal.

Within three days the trail of devastation saw as many as 8-10,000 dying in terrible agony. Some say tens of thousands more.

Tonight in Bhopal, survivors groups have come together to march in what has become a traditional torchlight rally at each anniversary. They cry for the dead and they protest for the living. They demand justice and thirty-four years is too long to be waiting.

‘Run Bhopal Run’ is a half-marathon event taking place for the second year in Bhopal today. Immense upset was caused last year, for the survivors of the disaster and their families, by the run being scheduled to take place on the day of the disaster’s anniversary.

So, with a whole year to plan the next event, guess which date the organisers have chosen? How insensitive is it possible to be?

Girl with candle Bhopal

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