Protest in Front of Office Boston University President & Member #DowDuPont Co Board

Students and members of AID Boston protest in front of the office of Boston University president who is a member the #DowDuPont Co board.
On the evening of Dec 2nd, concerned citizens gather in front of the office of Robert Brown, the President of Boston University and a board member of DowDupont.
The vigil was organized by Lowell Spokes where students, workers, activists and concerned citizens joined to mark the 34th anniversary of the world’s largest industrial disaster and expressed solidarity with the survivors in Bhopal.
The flyers handed out by the group said –
President Brown, we demand that your company accept responsibility for the Bhopal Gas Disaster and subsequent pollution which continues to affect thousands of people.
We demand that DowDupont:
  • Ensures the payment of compensation to victims of ongoing contamination of soil and groundwater due to thousands of tonnes of buried hazardous waste from the pesticide factory in Bhopal.
  • Make DowDupont clean up contamination in and around the Bhopal factory as per the terms of the lease with the state government.
  • Make DowDupont, 100% owner of Union Carbide appear in Bhopal District Court so that Union Carbide can be tried for culpable homicide and other criminal charges.
The volunteers also distributed the flyers to the students in the students center at BU and displayed bottles of dirty water that the people of Bhopal are forced to drink.
Girl with candle Bhopal

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