Dow CEO wins lifetime achievement award- day after Bhopal Disaster 30th Anniversary

“Well done Mr.Liveris your Mum must be very proud.”


Can you imagine how thick Mr.Liveris skin must be? One day after the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster, he proudly accepts a ‘lifetime achievement’ award from a chemical industry ‘slap itself on the back’ organisation in New York.

Yes the ‘Chemical Marketing and Economics Group’ were happy to present Liveris with his award at a ceremony in New York.

If these people are supposed to be experts on marketing then I wonder who had the bright idea of giving him any kind of award near to the anniversary of a disaster with which Dow Chemical is inextricably linked.

Dow owns and controls Union Carbide Corporation. Union Carbide Corporation is still wanted on the criminal charges of culpable homicide for its role in the Bhopal Disaster.

Dow Chemical refuses to present Union Carbide to the criminal courts.

The Indians want to know why and Dow has been summonsed to explain but has not, thus far, bothered to attend the courts in Bhopal.

But, earlier this year, Liveris received a much more richly deserved award in the shape of the ‘ETHECON Black Planet Award’

Ethecon had this to say:

The list of DOW CHEMICAL’s crimes against mankind and the environment is a long one: Party donations during election campaigns, tax evasion, environmental destruction like radioactive contamination and support for genetic engineering, manipulated measurements, war mongering, price manipulation, corruption… The company’s president and chairman of the board and supervisory board Andrew Liveris, the member of the board and audit committee James M. Ringler as well as the group’s major shareholders are the ones that need to be held responsible for the decisions and actions at DOW CHEMICAL (USA). They own the group. They run the company. They are acting to increase their personal power and private wealth. To this end, they ride roughshod over morality and ethics and hazard our planet being turned into a Black Planet. “ethecon regard the actions of Andrew Liveris, James M. Ringler and the major shareholders of DOW CHEMICAL company (USA) as a shocking contribution to the ruin and destruction of our Blue Planet. It is because of this appalling disrespect for and violation of human ethics that ethecon – Foundation Ethics & Economy denounce those responsible for DOW CHEMICAL with the 2014 International ethecon Black Planet Award“ (Justification International ethecon Black Planet Award

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