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‘Keep Your Promises’ is a group of citizens from West Virginia, in the USA, who are concerned over DuPont’s handling and treatment of those exposed to the chemical C8 and have their own campaign opposing the merger between it and Dow Chemical. On their website you can find simple mechanisms allowing you to send emails to the US Attorney General: CLICK and the Senate Judiciary Committee: CLICK

We believe the overall interests of Bhopal disaster survivors, as well as those affected by C8 contamination, will be better served by keeping Dow and DuPont as separate entities and urge you to act. Please use the online tools on the Keep Your Promises site and please keep an eye out for further actions.

A letter, from the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, sent to the boards of both Dow and DuPont, clearly outlined the toxic legacies of Bhopal and C8, on Dow and DuPont respectively, explaining that they would represent material liabilities for shareholders of the new DowDuPont company should the merger go ahead: CLICK

Dow Chemical and DuPont have been issuing inadequate or misleading disclosures in their joint merger proxy material to shareholders and their troubled mega-merger proposal has been subject to an investigation, by the European Union, which has now been halted while the companies ‘provide more information’ on their $130B deal.

Commitments submitted by the companies to address some of the EU regulator’s concerns, back in July, were “insufficient to clearly dismiss its serious doubts as to the transaction’s compatibility (with EU merger rules)” said the European Commission.

Bloomberg reported, back in August, that “Dow Chemical Co. and DuPont Co. face months of haggling with European Union antitrust regulators who opened an in-depth probe into the duo’s plans to create the world’s biggest chemicals company.”

The two companies had originally proposed to close the deal in September 2016 but this was put back to early 2017. Now, once the data is received, the antitrust enforcer will set a new deadline for its investigation.

Perhaps that will be enough time for both companies to come clean with all the necessary information on how they plan to deal with their mutually toxic legacies.





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