Dow’s ‘Black Planet’ Award From ethecon


In 2015 Dow Chemical was awarded the ‘Black Planet Award’ by German group ‘Foundation for Ethics and Economy’ (ethecon) as the greatest hazard to our beautiful, blue planet. At the anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster in December this year, ethecon is travelling to the US to present Dow with its award. And would be delighted if you could join them.

Dear Supporters,

My name is Anabel Schnura, I live in Germany. I am 26 years old and I study social work / social pedagogy at the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf. Rather I  write my bachelor’s thesis about the circumstances in Bhopal. I’ve been to Bhopal three times over the past two years. I volunteered at the Sambhavna Trust Clinic. Today, almost 32 years after the disaster, the conditions there are still terrible. People are left by the responsible group (today DOW CHEMICAL) and by the state.

This is the reason why I would like to confront the DOW CHEMICAL in the USA with the ethecon Black Planet Award 2014/2015 on the 32nd anniversary of the Bhopal disaster. ethecon – Foundation Ethics and Economy blaspheme every year People with the International ethecon Black Planet Award who have trampled on human ethics in the most shocking way – in the conflict area between ethics and economics and thereby destroying our Blue Planet and turning it into a Black Planet.
Last Year ethecon dispraised Andrew N. Liveris and James M. Ringler as well as major shareholders of DOW CHEMICAL Company with the 2014/15 Black Planet Award.
 Especially because of their responsibility for the crimes in Bhopal and Vietnam (Agent Orange). DOW CHEMICAL and those responsible are involved in the Bhopal Catastrophe in 1984. Every Year on the 2/3rd December the Bhopal Memorial Day take place and in this year we would like to come to the United States to make some noise there.
We would like to push up this topic in the homeland of DOW CHEMICAL cause until today they didn’t anything to rectify the after-effects of the industrial disaster and left the people of Bhopal without any help.
And now with the DOW/DUPONT Merge they’re trying to ignore that topic again. But we want them to care about Bhopal and to assume their responsibility.
I would like to represent ethecon in the campaigns that we are undertaking with an alliance in the US at DOW CHEMICAL, and to confront the award winners with the ethecon Black Planet Award. Together with a board member of ethecon, I will travel to the USA. We hope to be able to put the disaster of Bhopal on the agenda of DOW and not let the tragedy disappear from the minds of the people.

Together we can make a change!

Best wishes from Germany

Anabel Schnura

Girl with candle Bhopal

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