Memories of an Indian Future Art Exhibition!

Brighton charities The Bhopal Medical Appeal and Indian Futures are delighted to present ‘Memories of an Indian Future’, an exhibition of works by French artist and photographer Isabeau de Rouffignac and Catalan photographer and director Pep Àvila. The event will run from Wednesday, May 31st – Sunday, 4th June from 11am – 5pm each day at the Phoenix Art Space, Brighton. Entry is free so please come join us – we could love to meet you!

Isabeau’s ‘Saris for Memory’ collection features women survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster wearing saris printed with newspaper cuttings, exploring the portrayal of survivor communities in the media. Pep’s ‘Vedanthangal’ was inspired by a chance encounter at dawn with a group of children from rural Tamil Nadu, and explores rural life in the areas where Indian Futures work to provide children access to education.

Isabeau de Rouffignac originally trained in graphic design, but since 2016 has devoted herself entirely to photography. Of her photography, she says “I always approach my subjects with a desire to give a voice to the forgotten, to go where the spotlight of the news has gone, in those territories where the brutality of events has shaped the places and those who live there.”

Pep Àvila is a versatile photographer who has been working in advertising, fashion, travel and documentary photography for over 20 years. His works often lie at the boundary between reality and fiction and are imbued with a certain cinematographic mystique. He has received several awards in prestigious festivals around the world.

The Bhopal Medical appeal provides free healthcare and education to survivors of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster. Indian Futures provides quality education and supports women’s empowerment in rural South India.

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