What a lovely bunch of humans

Tues 8th February: Worked with the gardeners peeling the skin off Asparagus Racemosis. The asparagus root had already been boiled in a large dish and now the peeling was taking place. The remaining part was left out to dry. The next stage is grinding it down to a powder to make tablets or just use as is.

Uses: To promote fertility, reduce menstrual cramping, increase milk production for nursing mothers. It’s also anti-inflamatory. Makes me feel healthy just taking part in all of this amazing work. What is so incredible is that outside the gates of the clinic there is so much noise and chaos but somehow it just doesn’t creep in.

I have various photos of the gardeners/herbalists at different stages of the preparations. e.g. Lalita preparing the negundi oil she wants to come back to the UK with to make oils, Gajendra stiring a black sooty substance called Guggulu, another photo of Lolita grinding the dried herbs. I have also taken some photos of the garden itself; some parts of which are looking so verdant and lush. I hope the photos will show some of the beauty and wonder in the place – problem is, it’s not a great camera.

After work in the herb garden today I went over to the new project premises where I started measuring and drawing up some ideas for the garden. I’ll continue tomorrow after working with Ratna who is in charge of the garden. I only wish I had had an idea of the tools that the gardeners needed as I would have brought them with me. I can see that when I get back to London I will be organising equipment for the gardeners – what a lovely bunch of humans!

Girl with candle Bhopal

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