The Empty Promise of Bhopal: Evolution of a Disaster

Justin-SenzerJustin Senzer, a high school sophomore at Herricks High School on New York’s Long Island, has produced a quite remarkable documentary. In Justin’s words:

“My interest in the issues confronting Bhopal arose out of a research project that I recently completed on the 1984 Union Carbide accident, in connection with my participation in the National History Day competition. Each year, the National History Day organization sponsors a competition for students all over the country who compete by producing projects all tied to the year’s chosen theme. This year’s theme was rights and responsibilities in history. My research, in which I utilized the ICJB website, culminated in my production of a documentary entitled, “National History Day competition.”
“My documentary explores and analyzes the rights and responsibilities of Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, and the Indian Government in initially encouraging Union Carbide to invest in India, and addresses the long-term effects of the Bhopal disaster, which have yet to be resolved.”


The documentary won first place in the National History Day Long Island regional competition in March.

It subsequently went forward to the competition for National History Day, held at the University of Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C. The film as entered in the individual documentary category, was named as a finalist, and placed eighth overall in the United States in the final round of competition.

Our congratulations, and our thanks, go to Justin for his excellent work.


Girl with candle Bhopal

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