Sambhavna’s Garden – Perfect for honey bees

Thursday 24th: Work is going well in the Sambhavna Clinic garden. The days are getting hotter although the temperatures at night are still pleasant. I have spent a little time shopping for various tools that were needed for the garden. I thought this was a better way for me to donate something towards the wonderful work that they do here.

Had fun negotiating prices with Mukesh helping me. Also, it was an experience weaving in and out of the confusing, noisy traffic system on a motorbike and in the process everyone shouting hello. They really have such a lovely childlike quality here; I smile alot here.

The herbs in the garden grow at such a fast rate and when there is a bare planting bed they set clover seeds to grow which will then be dug into the soil, increasing the nitrogen content, which in turn will aid growth. Early summer is the perfect time for this. I’m not too sure if they let the clover go to flower but if they did it would be perfect for honey bees.

The gardeners are keen to set up beehives again as the last lot failed due to such a heavy monsoon. However they feel they need training. I think they could do this themselves with the right books. This is the way my brother-in-law, Ashley, set up beehives in London. The problem has been getting hold of beekeeping books in Hindi but I finally found somewhere in the Punjab called Tiwana Beekeeping Farm and I have arranged for a book to be delivered; it’s in Hindi! If anyone can offer any other advice or help it would be appreciated. Just imagine having Sambhavna Honey – it would be great. A beehive can hold 20,000 and more bees – nearly enough for everyone registered for care at Sambhavna!

Last Saturday morning was flowerpicking time. The roses, that smell so wonderful, are used to make oil and the Hisbiscus flowers are a sugar substitute for those suffering from diabetes. What’s so good to see here in the garden are people gathering the herbs they need to take home to make their own tonics which have been prescribed to them. People get involved; they ask questions; they want to learn. The best pathway to healing is to participate – that’s what I think. I had better stop there as I am flittering (I don’t think that is a word but it sounds right).

Girl with candle Bhopal

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