New Faces at Sambhavna

Name: Nagendra Chaturvedi

Age: 25

Job Title: Information in Charge (Since March)

What are your first impressions of Sambhavna?

“The staff at Sambhavna are like a big family. They adhere to a system of work and are punctual and dedicated to their jobs. I never saw that anywhere else I worked in India. The co-operation between people is impressive. People work with limited resources and never demand more, and teamwork is excellent and energetic. The clinic is a nice setting to work in and we are encouraged to develop our own interests and bring them to the clinic.”

How did you come to be in this position at Sambhavna?

“I have a BSc in microbiology and a PG in Science Communication. I am very interested in visual media as a method of communication. I was freelancing for a couple of months and saw this job advertised and was interested in it. I have a lot of friends who are activists for Bhopal, and had spoken with them about the issues that exist here.”

What were you doing before that?

“I was working with an NGO called The Jatan Trust, in Pipariya, Madhya Pradesh as an audio-visual assistant. The job involved filming and creating media communication about the displacement of tribal people and the changes in their traditional practices, advocating their human rights.”

What do you hope to achieve here at Sambhavna?

“I would like to give help to the gas-affected people through my work and use my experience and knowledge to support the staff here. Visual media is very effective at conveying emotion in a very real way and I hope to make the communication about the people and work of Sambhavna more interesting.”

What would you like to say to people in the UK who are reading the BMA website?

“Come to Bhopal, come to Sambhavna. Join us in our campaign. Get to know us. It is the only way to understand how things really are here.”

Girl with candle Bhopal

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