A gift to Sambhavna Trust from the Scottish Trade Union delegation

Gifts were presented  to the  Sambhavna Trust from the Scottish Trade Union delegation when they visited Bhopal for the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Gas Disaster.

Quaich 1
We will never forget them, UNISON Scotland
This Quaich is a gift from the Scottish Trade Union delegation to the staff and users of Sambhavna trust. A Quaich is a traditional Scottish cup, originally used for drinking whisky, it is today used as a symbol of friendship and solidarity. This Quaich is engraved with the words ‘we will not forget them’, and the name of the trade union that three of our delegates are members of: Unison Scotland.
The Scottish delegation are very pleased to have had the opportunity to be with the survivors, visit the remarkable clinic at Sambhavna and meet with some of the staff, as well as to march with you in support of justice. We will not forget Bhopal and will continue to support your demands. Through our branches we have already raised funds for the Bhopal Medical Appeal which will be used to support Sambhavna and we will continue to do so having met the people of Bhopal. You are an inspiration to us in our work as trade union activists fighting for the rights of workers and for health, safety and dignity at work.Eurig Scandrett
Convenor, Scottish Friends of Bhopal

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Girl with candle Bhopal

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