The Chingari Trust Marks World Cerebral Palsy Day

On October 7th 2019, the staff and children at Chingari celebrated World Cerebral Palsy Day. To mark the occasion, the children engaged in various activities, including painting, Henna, and Rangoli dance. They also played games such as Jalebi Jump, where children jump to eat a Jalebi suspended on a string above their head, and Pin-the-Bindi, where children are blindfolded and have to place a bindi in the correct place on a painted portrait. The children participated in all these games and activities with great enthusiasm.

Presently, 84 children affected with cerebral palsy are coming to Chingari rehabilitation centre regularly and receiving physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, as well as specialised education to suit their needs. Here are just some of the amazing positive results that have been achieved through these treatments:

After receiving physiotherapy, 34 children who were initially not even able to hold the weight of their heads have learned to support their own necks, 31 have started sitting, 25 have started standing, and 22 children can now walk without assistance.
After receiving speech therapy, 11 children who were initially not able to utter even a single word can now speak their name and communicate their needs. A further 10 children have started speaking simple sentences and 25 Children are now able to chew and swallow food.
After receiving occupational therapy, 10 children are showing improved hand-eye coordination and reduced trouble with sensory issues.
After receiving special education at Chingari, 13 children have been able to take charge of their own day-to-day activities and living situations, 9 children have started going to regular school, and 57 children have started engaging in specialised activities such as Fine Motor training, Gross Motor training, Ring Activity, etc.

The staff at Chingari Trust continue to work tirelessly to support these children, helping them achieve incredible breakthroughs and regain their self-dependence.

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