Chingari Trust Picnic at the Bhopal Children’s Park

A recent trip to Bhopal Children’s Park was a truly wonderful day for the children of Chingari. Almost all of them live in densely populated, dirty, polluted neighborhoods and the trip to this big open space was something that they do not experience often. They had the chance to run around breathe some fresh air, and just be themselves.

The children went on a toy train ride at the park and played badminton and cricket, as well as playing on the merry go round, slides and swings. Two mini buses were hired for the trip in addition to Chingari’s three vans so the children were picked up and dropped of at their homes. The trip was completed successfully, with a smile on every child’s face by the end of the day.


Tarique with Menakshi, Chaia and Sham Babu

by Melanie Hadida

Girl with candle Bhopal

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