Chingari Trust Launches ’Disability Awareness Campaign’

The Chingari Trust launched its own ‘Disability Awareness Campaign’ in Bhopal on July 12th. A press statement from the trust outlines the aims:

Chingari Trust has organized a press conference under the Disability Awareness Campaign. The main aim behind the conference is to promote awareness towards disability.

Chingari Trust has continuously contributed towards Disability Awareness campaigns for the last 3 years. Under the Disability Awareness Campaign, community meetings are held, every 15 days, to raise awareness about disability issues. Chingari Trust has arranged 55 community meetings in 30 gas affected communities over the last 3 years.

While explaining about disability, Nosheen khan, a speech therapist at Chingari says that disability can start when a woman conceives and, to prevent disability, pregnant women should take certain precautions. Important points should be followed to avoid disability and any pregnant woman should get herself registered at the nearest health centre, give special attention to food and should take 2 hours rest in the afternoon. Pregnant women should avoid unnecessary stress and have herself medically checked in every 3 months during tenure. Pregnant women should take medicine by doctor’s prescription only, avoid lifting heavy weights and the consumption of any alcoholic or intoxicating substance. Childbirth should be in hospital to avoid further problems and potential disability.

Mr. Suryaprakash Singh, special educator said that one can easily identify disability, parents need to compare their child to the developmental milestone. Treatment and rehabilitation at an early stage of disability is more effective.

On explaining about disability Mrs. Zeba Ahmed, physiotherapist said that, when disability appears in children, it can be treated by various specialists. Physical disability can be treated by a physiotherapist. Speech and hearing impairment can be treated by a speech therapist. Mental retardation (self-work, social activities, academic work and entertainment) can be treated by a special educator. Behavioural disability can be treated by an occupational therapist.

Field worker, Mr.Shadab Mirza said that we should always give equality, respect and equal chance to the disabled in every sector. Disabled people want respect with equal rights from our society.

Chingari Trust has been working over the last 12 years for the rehabilitation of congenitally disabled children born in the families affected by Bhopal Gas Tragedy and subsequent water contamination. Currently, 1004 children are registered with the Chingari Trust with 345 children coming regularly to receive Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Special education, mid-day meal, pick and drop facility and other facilities free of cost.





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