Children’s World International trip to Bhopal

Bhopal, 1984 Union Carbide gas tragedy

Children’s World International, a small charity from Somerset, are currently visiting Bhopal to give performances to the many children there affected by the 1984 gas leak and the more recent water contamination.

Children’s World International was set up in 1999 with the aim to take the performance, fun and participation to children around the world who had been traumatised by conflict, humanitarian disaster as well with the aim of working with children with learning difficulties and special needs. They have previously visited Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Uganda.

Bhopal Medical Appeal and Childrens World International charities share the same patron - Michael Evis of Glastonbury Festival

The group will be holding performances at the Chingari Trust Rehabilitation Centre and the Sambhavna Clinic as well as Oryia Basti school and other local schools in the gas and water affected areas of Bhopal.

1984 Union Carbide disaster Bhopal

Children’s World International and the Bhopal Medical Appeal share the same patron, Michael Evis, and they said that what they have to offer “would be a real boost to children, families and communities who are having to live with the ongoing effects of this horrific disaster”.

Bhopal, Bhopal Medical Appeal, 1984 Union Carbide gas tragedy

You can visit Children’s World International’s website here

Girl with candle Bhopal

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