Dow Agro Sciences India Pvt Ltd Blacklisting for Bribery

Dow Agro Sciences India Blacklisted, 2010, After Bribing Indian Officials

US Background

1994 Dow Elanco agreed to discontinue what the New York attorney general characterized as deceptive claims in a Dursban brochure.

1995. The EPA fine Dow $876,000 for belatedly reporting 288 possible adverse reactions to chlorpyrifos (Dursban and Lorsban)

1995, An eight-figure settlement paid to Joshua Herb, a paralyzed Charleston boy who had been exposed in utero to Dursban and another organophosphate, propetamphos.

2003 Dow fined $2million in the US for falsely claiming the safety of Dursban for people and pets. In 1995, Dow was fined $732,000, also in the US, for not informing safety regulators about hundreds of reported Dursban poisoning incidents.

India Blacklisting History

February 2007 Cease and Desist Order Issued By US Securities And Exchange Commission

The New York Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fined Dow Chemical $325,000 for bribing officials in India to fast-track permission to sell their pesticide brands. SEC, in a “cease and desist” order to Dow on February 13, 2007, charged the company with violations under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) for letting a subsidiary use funds for illegal activities in a foreign country.

November 2008 Letter Rogatory Executed by US Government

Letter rogatory was executed by the US government on November 17, 2008, to elicit information regarding vouchers of Dow Chemicals to establish payment of bribes during 1996-2001 by Dow Agro Sciences

June 2010 Showcause Notice Issued to Dow AgroSciences

To show cause as to why it should not be blacklisted for indulging in unethical practices in order to expedite the registration of pesticides. The three pesticides were identified as Dursban 10G, Nurelle-D and Pride.

September 2010 Blacklisting Of Dow AgroSciences Pvt Ltd

Blacklisted for five years. Three pesticides improperly registered.

Economic Times Sep/18/ 2010: Dow AgroSciences blacklisted for bribing

NEW DELHI: The Centre has blacklisted Dow AgroSciences India for five years for bribing government officials to expedite registration of three pesticides. Banned from undertaking any commercial activity in India for five years. CBI held the Indian arm of Dow Chemical Company guilty of bribing a senior central government employee and his aides, and had recommended that the firm be black-listed for pursuing corrupt practices.

May 2011 Showcause Notice Issued to Dow AgroSciences

To explain why four chemicals should not have registration cancelled. As follow up to blacklisting. Dursban 10G, Nurelle-D and Pride & Acetampirid (Pride) 20%SP formulation.

Economic Times 28/May/ 2011: Agriculture ministry issues notices to Dow Chemicals’ Indian unit

NEW DELHI: Dow Agro Sciences asked to explain why registration certificates granted to four chemicals produced by it should not be cancelled. “An investigation conducted by the CBI has established that Dow Agro Sciences paid illegal gratification and extended pecuniary advantages for expediting registration of its products.”

October 2011 Agriculture Ministry Cancels Registrations of Dow Agro Sciences Pesticides

Agriculture Ministry cancels the registration of pesticides.

Economic Times Oct/13/ 2011: Agriculture Ministry cancels permits of pesticides Dursban 10G, Nurella-D, Pride and Emamectin Benzoate for unethical practices

The Agriculture Ministry has cancelled the registration of pesticides Dursban 10G, Nurella-D and Pride, manufactured by Dow AgroSciences India over ‘unethical practices’.

MSN News Sat 26/11/2011: Agriculture Ministry cancels permits of Acetamiprid Technical

Agriculture Ministry (vide order dated October 12, 2011) has cancelled certificates of registration issued under section 9(3) of Insecticides Act, 1968 in the name of De-Nocil Crop Protection (now Dow Agro Sciences India) for Acetamiprid Technical.

Economic Times 25/Nov/ 2011: Dow Agro Sciences India blacklisted for bribing officials: Government

NEW DELHI: Dow Agro Sciences India, after CBI found that it had bribed government officials to get its products registered, the Rajya Sabha was informed today. “Dow Agro Sciences India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai and Agro Pack have been blacklisted and excluded from purchase made by the government for a period of five years.”

MSN News Sat 26/11/2011: Agriculture Ministry cancels permits of Acetamiprid Technical

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