A history of the Bhopal criminal prosecutions

Social JusticeTo mark 30 years since the Bhopal Gas Disaster in December 1984, Social Justice have devoted their December 2014 Issue, entitled Special Issue: Bhopal and After: The Chemical Industry as Toxic Capitalism, Vol. 41-1-2, to revisiting ‘the meaning of the disaster, its causes, and its consequences. – (See more at: www.socialjusticejournal.org...)

Tim Edwards, activist and managing trustee of the Bhopal Medical Appeal, has had his article ‘Criminal Failure and “The Chilling Effect”: A Short History of the Bhopal Criminal Prosecutions’, included in the journal. Focusing on the period between 1984 and 2001 Tim looks at the failures of the legal professions and systems to provide relief and justice to the survivors in the aftermath of the disaster. A subsequent article by Tim in The Statesman looks briefly at the legal developments between 2001 and the 30th gas disaster in 2014. Please follow the links below to read some of the insightful and shocking revelations in these articles….

 1.1984-2001 –          Union Carbide’s gassing of Bhopal was first a criminal justice issue.’

Read it here: Tim Edwards – Criminal Failure and “The Chilling Effect”: A Short History of the Bhopal Criminal Prosecutions

 2. 2001 – 2014 –                ‘…amongst the carnage and chaos of the Bhopal Disaster of 3 December 1984… is Hanumanganj Police Station House Officer Surinder Singh Thakur going about the quiet and no less responsible business of writing up, and registering, crime No.1104/84.’

Read it here: Tim Edwards – Thirty Years after Bhopal: Of crime and consequence



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